Wine Without The Grapes

February 9, 2010

This article was taken from the Leader Telegram, September 2009.  Joe Wynimko takes a pass on making wine from grapes. He’d rather make wine from rhubarb, dandelions, pumpkins and strawberries.

“It’s basically all fruits,” Wynimko said. “My niche is the specialty fruit wines. I don’t have a vineyard, I have an orchard. The rhubarb is all out of my garden, the pumpkin is all out of my garden.”

With the right mix of sugar and yeast, Wynimko can turn just about any fruit or vegetable into wine. He’s made carrot wine and onion wine.

“Onion (wine) is actually pretty good. I’d use it for marinating,” he said.

After working on obtaining state and federal permits for the past 1 1/2 years, Wynimko and his wife, Dorinda, opened O’Neil Creek Winery, southwest of Bloomer, on Friday.

They have a shop on the first floor of their home with room for people to stop in and purchase wine by the bottle or by the glass. [click to continue…]

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May’s Artist of the Month

April 5, 2014

Bonnie Fetzek will be O’Neil Creek Winery’s Artist of the Month for the May. Bonnie is a retired Spanish teacher from the Eau Claire area. Using water colors as her media. Bonnie says she is in constant state of exploration and learns as she paints and loves getting lost in the process.  Bonnie’s art will [...]

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October’s Artist of the Month

October 5, 2013

O’Neil Creek artist for the month of October is Patricia Mayhew  Hamm. Patrica  contemporary art, has developed her own style through years of study with the use of dramatic color, texture and strong contrasts. Color , composition and contrast are the most important part of her work in abstract concepts. Patricia creates textures, made with [...]

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September’s Artist of the Month

August 31, 2013

Leni Sovacool will be O’Neil Creek’s Artist of the Month. Leni is a self taught artist and creates her art in a water color  media to tell a story.

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August’s artist of the month

July 27, 2013

CJ Conner is O’Neil Creek Winery’s artist for the month of August. Oil base is CJ’s  method of art and her art will adorn our walls. Check our calender for future events.

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August’s Wine Women Wednesday

July 27, 2013

Entertainment for August’s, 21 Wine Women Wednesday  will be Jeff White. A native of western Wisconsin, Jeff’s music is Americana folk and contemporary songs that reflect the spirit of the human condition. Starts at 3:00 pm, Music starts at 5:00 Check our calendar for upcoming events.

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