Wine Without The Grapes

This article was taken from the Leader Telegram, September 2009.  Joe Wynimko takes a pass on making wine from grapes. He’d rather make wine from rhubarb, dandelions, pumpkins and strawberries.

“It’s basically all fruits,” Wynimko said. “My niche is the specialty fruit wines. I don’t have a vineyard, I have an orchard. The rhubarb is all out of my garden, the pumpkin is all out of my garden.”

With the right mix of sugar and yeast, Wynimko can turn just about any fruit or vegetable into wine. He’s made carrot wine and onion wine.

“Onion (wine) is actually pretty good. I’d use it for marinating,” he said.

After working on obtaining state and federal permits for the past 1 1/2 years, Wynimko and his wife, Dorinda, opened O’Neil Creek Winery, southwest of Bloomer, on Friday.

They have a shop on the first floor of their home with room for people to stop in and purchase wine by the bottle or by the glass. Continue reading “Wine Without The Grapes”

October’s Artist of the Month

Nancy Erickson Dutmer’s, of Chetek, art is defined I never expected to become”crazier” as she aged, but She thrilled to every aspect of artistic lunacy. Nancy is inspired by great work of art. They may be historic or modern., famous or local, but universally, they are realistic or impressionistic. Nancy’s is not particularly  drawn to abstract or modern art, yet she is as moved by a geographic pattern with vivid color, as she is by beautiful portraits.

Nancy’s brain is immersed whit unfinished art projects. Preferred mediums vary, oil, acrylic and fabric paint, beading, drawing , construction and found object conglomerations

September’s Wine Woman Wednesday

Kaiged Acoustoc“Kaiged Acoustic” Kim Negus and Paige Lieberman are a mother and daughter duo known for their strong vocals and harmonies. They play a variety of music from classic rock, country, and current hits. Including the Eagles, REO Speedwagon, Fleetwood Mac, Adele,Bruno Mars, Hank Williams, Alison Krause,Taylor Swift,Miranda Lambert, Band Perry just to name a few.

June’s Wine Women Wednesday

June 15 2016 music for O’Neil Creek Winery’s Wine Women Wednesday will be Jeff White. Jeff is an alternative country artist from the hills of western Wisconsin.  Blending warm tones, reverbs, delays and vibrato with out law grit, Jeff White sings of love, loss and lust with an Americana vibe, channeling the melancholy country western and dark folk music from times past.

  • Jeff will be plying from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
  • Tasting from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. No tastings after 5:00 pm
  • Order off menu of Fat Boy’s Pizza,  FREE DELIVERY” ask for menu”

Jeff @ livery

June’s Artist of the Month

IMG_9340 crPLszPhotography has been a hobby of mine for about 30 years.  I am a native of Menomonie, WI.  I particularly enjoy capturing nature, God’s artwork, where there are endless subjects.   Since I have a farm background, old barns and rural scenes are also my favorites.    There are many interesting things in our everyday world if we just take the time to notice.   Small children notice everything, but somehow during the growing up process we generally lose the ability to see the little and fascinating things all around us.  Digital photography has been wonderful for me, as I thoroughly enjoy using editing programs which enable me to create different looks for the same photograph.